Prickwillow nearly live

BT have arrived in Prickwillow….sort of. Half the village are unable to get a connection, which is less than satisfactory.

Air are on the case though – we have taken over the street cabinet, and have agreed nearly everything we need to get a superfast backhaul into it.

Using 4SG Telecom’s existing ADSL service, combined with point to point wireless for more far flung houses, we think we can fill in the gaps where BT have left off.

We are waiting until the 16/3/15 for one final agreement and then we’ll have a mast up within 2 weeks and be able to offer service a week or so after that. Existing 4SG customers will get a massive increase in speed – up to 24Mbps (from the existing 1-2Mbps).

Any questions, just call us on 01223 653 400 or email us at

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